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  • May 1
    Luke Bryan in Hamilton, ON (working)
  • May 17
    All Time Low in Plymouth, MI
  • August 20
    One Direction in Toronto, ON
  • September 3
    One Direction in Buffalo, NY *probably*

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100 movie challenge

I'm going to try this... It's a 100 movie challenge.

I'm going to keep track of ALL of the NEW (not necessarily meaning new, but just ones I'm watching for the first time this year) movies I've watched this year!

This is a challenge to see 100 movies in the span of a year. This thread is to keep track of the movies that you've seen so far this year. You don't have to be trying for 100 movies to post on the thread, though. If that goal is too high or too low (or you want to try the challenge for less than a year), you can set your own goal!

What you choose to include toward you goal is also up to you: you can include re-watches, rentals, movies that you see on the big screen, direct-to-video movies, movies you watch on TV, etc. It all depends on what feels right to you. If you have any goals at all, you're welcome to come record your progress here. So come on in and join the fun!

Here are the challenges!