Drivers Rant.

This list going to be a very blunt topic. I’m not holding back… So if this offends you, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’m just curious, if people are actually as smart as they think they are?

If you see this:

At the corner of a street, and one that also says NO THROUGH TRAFFIC, why do you still drive down that road?

My street is currently under construction, and there is a sign at the corner by the main road, that says ROAD CLOSED: NO through traffic. But once you get down the street, at the corner the road is dug up and the road actually IS closed.

So, I have seen countless people today (actually, only in the last hour and a half – not the whole day) drive down my road, only to be stopped by the closure, throw their hands up in the air and freak out that it’s closed!

Did you not read the giant sign that says closed? You have no right to get upset that your own stupidity has caused you an inconvenience.

Also, did you not notice that as you were driving down this road that even from a block away you could tell it is closed? Those signs aren’t tiny. They are pretty large. So to say you “never saw it” is a complete lie.

Were you too busy texting someone? Or singing to your favourite song on the radio? Or were you just that mindless that you completely ignored it and figured you could just go through anyways?

Please, enlighten me on this… Because it’s something I’ve always been wondering about since I became a driver myself.

When I’m driving in this neighborhood, I will stop, and check before I actually go down a road because I know that there’s a 50/50 chance that the road will be closed. I see your cars all the time, so I know you live in the area… Why wouldn’t you do the same thing?

In the words of Ice Cube…

Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

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