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REVIEW: Covergirl Bombshell Mascara

So I’ve heard MANY good reviews about Covergirl’s new mascara, Bombshell. Needlessvto say, I wanted to try it out!

I’d been meaning to get it for a month now. Every time I went to Walmart or Target I would go took (but always forget and never actually get it!!!)

I eventually found it yesterday [I got 800 very black], and was excited! The only thing, is that it’s quite expensive for a drugstore mascara. It was $9.97 at Walmart.


So today, when I was doing my makeup I knew that this would be my mascara for the day!!

I did the usual, applied my Eyenvy and curled my lashes.


To the right is a picture of the results.

Left eye has both ends on, one coat of #1 and #2.
The right eye has one coat of the #1 end.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t see a difference!

#1 is supposed to be the [extreme] volumizing base coat.
#2 is supposed to be the intensifying top coat.

Let’s just say, neither did what they were said to do, so I’m extremely disappointed!!

When I was also applying the #2 coat, it had actually pulled out a couple of my lashes!!! I don’t know if this was just coincidence (because the #1 coat didn’t do that), but it made me quite angry.

It also clumped my lashes a lot, so I had to go in with a lash comb and separate them so I didn’t look like I only had 8 eyelashes.

I would not recommend this product.
I’m going to give it another shot, just to see if it was actually just a bad product or not.

I’d rather stick with my Maybelline mascara, and save my $10 for something better.