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Issues… What else?

One Direction – Change Your Ticket

I spent quite a while today trying to work on FLs. There was an issue with my web host blocking certain page names, and the program I use had a set page that is titled one of the words. I googled to no avail, so I decided to contact them.

Needless to say, the initial live chat did nothing. The guy basically said “sorry, not my problem. I can only provide server support to make sure your site is actually running.”


I decided to contact them another time, but different method, and it finally got me somewhere. Although it took half the day, the help desk was finally able to fix the issue, and it’s working now!

I know tomorrow I’ll be spending all day working on FLs! I’ve got one in the works, but couldn’t really do anything on it as the enthusiast pages wouldn’t load to create a database.

This is a pointless blog. Merely a website update to show that I’m actually using this even though no one reads these. ✌️