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I found this product called EYENVY at the 2011 IMATS. It’s supposed to help with the growth of eyelashes and eyebrows. You apply it once a day, starting from the outside of the eyelashes/eyebrow, and work towards the center of your face. It’s recommended that you use it every day for 2 to 3 months, and then every other day to get the full effect (and to keep those lashes long and luscious).

I had ridiculous eyelashes before. To me, they were ugly. Short, thin, and just not nice looking!! When I saw it, I was very intrigued, because the salesman had used it on one of his eyes, and hadn’t used it on the other eye. He showed my friend and I the comparison between his two eyes, and I was IMMEDIATELY drawn in. My ugly eyelashes could soon be pretty!

It was a promo price, and I figured it was relatively cheap, so if it didn’t work, it wasn’t too much of a waste.

When I got home that day, I took my makeup off and applied it once my eyelids were dry. Every day I was super excited to wake up and apply a layer of it in hopes that soon my eyelashes would grow pretty!

Below is a picture of the results.

The first (left) image was taken November 13, 2013. The second (right) image was taken on December 29, 2011. It was a 6 week difference between the two.eyenvy-results
My eyelashes were SO MUCH LONGER!!!

I was amazed by how much they had grown in only 6 weeks! I still had 6 weeks left to go with the every day application.


DEFINITELY recommend this product! I’ve gone back to IMATS, and have actually bought more of it because I ran out. It’s a product that works, and you get great results from it.

If you’re interested in buying some of this wonderful miracle serum, you can find out where on the website!

Here’s some pictures of what my lashes were like BEFORE using eyenvy.

spring-makeup tinkerbell-makeup

And below is a photo of the AFTER use of eyenvy.