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  • May 1
    Luke Bryan in Hamilton, ON (working)
  • May 17
    All Time Low in Plymouth, MI
  • August 20
    One Direction in Toronto, ON
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    One Direction in Buffalo, NY *probably*

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Okay, so below is an extremely long story of how this site came to be.

The Past

Okay, so I first got a site on June 10, 2003, hosted by the lovely Sam (formerly, www.punk5tar.net), and it was my first real site. First time being hosted...yada yada... The site was later on transformed to my website collective.

P5.net went over the bandwidth for that month, and my lovely friend Val offered to host me at her site (www.punk-trash.net. She was the bestest hostess EVER!

Less than a year later, I got home from a weekend away, went on the computer and had started talking to Val. Later on into the conversation, she said she'd wished she could give me a great present for my birthday, and then realized that the perfect gift from her was a website!

She had purchased a domain (www.my-alien.org) for me, for my sixteenth birthday (May 30, 2004)! Around December 2004, the website was deleted by the server, and Val had repurchased it for me! That year I had with my site, was amazing. I'd never had a domain before, and I realized at that second that I uploaded my first page, that it was what I wanted for my life.

So, eventually the year faded away, and I turned another year older. I understood that the domain cost a lot of money for Val, and completely understood that she wasn't able to pay for the website hosting anymore (considering she was also paying for HER OWN website as well (www.nineteen83.org).

Around the beginning of April 2005, MA.org was frozen, and then deleted by the paid host, pinchpenny.org, so I was stuck without a site for over 5 months! I then realized that my ISP provided free website hosting, so I used that from September 2005, to October 2005, to get my site back up, to help aide me in my quest for hosting.

On October 10, 2005 the wonderful Courtney accepted my hosting application at her old domain (www.azure-skye.net). I had that website for about a year, and then I just decided that I didn't really have the time to maintain a website everyday.

So I had opted to cancel my hosting, and go siteless from then on.

In September 2010, I had been looking through my external hard drive, and found all my previous site files. It brought back all my memories of when I had my website, and I realized that I wanted a site back.

My ISP site hosting didn't offer much room to grow, and while looking around google for free webhosting in October 2010, I had stumbled upon www.hosting24.com. Their free hosting offered A LOT of things, but when I checked out their paid hosting, it was about $50 per year, and I couldn't turn it down!

I purchased my domain on October 25, 2010 and plan to use it as a Personal Blog, and Portfolio.

My domain expired after the year, and I just didn't have time to maintain it. I had my blog up, but never got my Portfolio uploaded to the site.

The Present

Thus bringing us to today! On February 13, 2013 I repurchased my domain, and here we are! I plan on using it as my Portfolio. It's simple! I love graphic design, and photography. It will be easy to use this as a Portfolio.

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